Pocket Reporter Fusion is the ultimate tool for busy property managers that will minimise reporting time while providing the most comprehensive reports possible. Easily compile ingoing, outgoing, routine and drive-by reports by simply touching the screen. There is no need for handwriting, typing or the use of Dictaphones. All common real estate phrases are covered so you can describe most objects and house features throughout Australia and NZ. Change any of the areas, items and phrases in the system to suit your reporting style.

Imagine what you could do with the hours you save! From large corporations and government bodies to small offices, manage thousands of properties from a central database, create consistent and attractive reports and archive them for easy lookup on demand.

Order the product that has single-handedly changed the way property reporting is being done. The most comprehensive portable reporting system created solely for real estate.


Pocket Reporter is easy to use

  • Very easy to learn and use, you and your staff will love it!
  • No more typing, just compile your reports on the pocket reporter then synchronise, spell-check & print with your office PC.
  • Seen a room in the property before? Save a huge amount of time by duplicating the area and then only making changes as needed.
  • Manage your reports with a very flexible search engine and powerful editing tools.
  • Report on any level, from overviews of areas, right down to individual items. 
  • Phrases are grouped logically for faster access. Fully context sensitive phrases you select from change on a location or item basis. 
  • Move reports to and from the Pocket PC with the touch of a button
  • Review your whole report on you PC and edit any part of your report with ease. 

Save money by working more efficiently

  • Reports from inspections are generated in seconds, not hours. Stress is eliminated!   
  • Once you have described a property (with all its areas and items) you will never have to describe it again! 
  • Your full reporting history for each property comes with you. Simply review your last ingoing or outgoing inspection on the Pocket PC and make changes where necessary. The system will complete the report for you! 
  • No more filing.    
  • Generate electronic reports to email to clients. 

Consistent reports for your clients 

  • Your property inspectors produce more consistent reports because they all use the same phrases to describe the properties and their conditions. 
  • Report formats can be fully customised for your own office, from logo insertion to a full redesign.
  • Changing the format of your report is as easy as changing the report type.

Advanced Client Management System

  • The most advanced client-property matching system on the market can help you reduce your advertising bills.
  • No limits to the contact details of your clients. Owners, tenants and leads can have an infinite number of phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses.
  • Enter clients into the system as individuals, businesses or government departments and then associate multiple owners or tenants with each property.
  • The contact information of all owners, tenants and other contacts are taken to the Pocket PC automatically with each property. All details are changeable on the Pocket PC.

Use the Pocket Reporter system in any office

  • Works with Windows 2000 and XP.
  • Runs on any network system, from the tiniest to the largest offices.
  • Centralised database allows multiple users to connect from a local or wide area network, your property manager can connect from his or her own PC.


For as little as $69.50 a month you can have the most advanced Property Management Reporting System available.

Browse through our online ordering area and find the package that best suits you.