Today web sites are fast becoming part of a successful company image. Much like a telephone line or fax machine the public expects every company to have one. An Internet presence is no longer a commodity it's a necessity. Your website allows you to take you store into the homes of millions of current and prospective clients. Therefore, it is essential that your company create a professional Internet presence that distinguishes you from your competitors and increases your market visibility.

With millions of web pages and users on the Internet that isn't an easy task. That's why at Global iQ your site is priority one. Starting from the initial meeting to the final phase prior to "going live" your site is developed consultatively with the channels of communication kept open and flowing to ensure that we produce a final product you can be extremely proud of.

The first phase of successful web development is to identify the specific needs and goals of you company and research your competition. Our web site design team, development team and our electronic marketing personnel work closely with our clients and are capable of creating anything from a simple one page online brochure to fully functional e-commerce site utilizing automated credit card facilities and the very latest in Internet technology. Some of these technologies include:

Html/Dhtml/Cgi/ASP/Java/C++/Visual Bascic/Java script and Database integration


Online shopping/Video streaming and Secure Automated Credit Card Facilities.

For more information on our website development, or for enquiries regarding a website solution for your business contact us today.


Not sure how a website works?

Want to know how a web presence for your business can increase exposure and profits? Want to know how to keep your site fresh and up-to-date?

Global iQ's professionally trained staff can help you answer these types of questions in business terms rather than technical jargon. We will determine your business requirements and recommend a suitable and affordable package.

From simple online forms to fully functional E-commerce solutions including shopping carts and automated credit card verification, we can guide you in the right direction.

For enquiries regarding a website solution for your business contact us today.


Making your website "live" is only half the task, it's extremely important that you take the correct steps into promoting your site in the real world and online.

At Global iQ we have a number of systems in place to help your site recieve the traffic it deserves. Utilising in-house tools and the expertise of our marketing team we will ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Registering with search engines and generating monthly site statistics are just some of the ways we can help understand your target market and make your wesbite grow.


What is E-commerce?

  • E-Commerce is where customers can offer to buy your goods and services over the internet.
  • E-Commerce can also involve transfer of monies from customer to merchant using secure banking services.

Why do I need E-Commerce?


  • Sales and marketing material can be produced and distributed electronically.
  • Business to business communication can be faster and cheaper.


  • Tap new markets (e.g. Country, Overseas Clients).
  • Open 24 Hours for orders.
  • Your e-commerce site is a fantastic presales tool.
  • Customers order online, or research online and visit/call or fax order.


  • Customers can access product and service information 24 hours a day.

At Global iQ we can provide you with all tools and maintenance systems required to harness the power of your own ecommerce website.


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